About Darts and Letters

The majority of readers will herein find the subject matter of this fourth-rate foundering journal of photography and essays so much irksomely wide-open muddle and that’s quite all right. Nonetheless, this doodly scratch pad of archives represents a labor of love and as such it behooves me to extend a warmish welcome to decent persons visiting for the first time who would choose to subject themselves to the sometimes-maddening frustration of reading anything I’ve written. I’ve never developed my own film, haven’t received an MFA, nor gotten a byline but neither have I written extensively about myself in the third person. I’m not sure what all this means in the scheme of things but I’d be honored if you gave it a chance and shared what’s on your mind. The Pacific Northwest is the place I’ve called home for decades and I’ve toiled variously here and there: From a dying Oregon lumber mill to a homeless shelter for families to lawn mowing. Those interests in my spare time include reading, writing, photography, music, history, maps and exploring the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges.

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