because greek messenger gods don’t have time for velcro, either

When the shoelaces come untied you know that’s pretty fast. There’s a lake on the other side of the path from Hermes (because those laces reminded me of talaria). The boys and I have been going for walks around this lake at least twice a week for exercise, usually in the afternoons when they’ve more or less done a yeoman’s job of their school studies. We don’t actually use the path (and this isn’t technically the path, it’s a road which is temporarily closed to encourage social distancing). We make our way along wide-sloping lawns which are fertilized by the highest concentration of Canadian goose turds in North America which makes for a fine, cushioned walk equaled only by the finest Vibram soles. We end up going a little over three miles.
June 2020 - Reflection Run 69-2

I bring my camera to do pictures, just in case. There’s a spot along our route where the lawns are pinched like an hourglass between the lake and a busy road. The path is crowded so risky and we shortcut into a neighborhood then through an alley behind a greasy spoon where I take the same group of pictures every single day. Oliver Fern loves running, yesterday he was running ahead of us constantly. I could have panned but then I would have lost the stillness of that reflection and let’s face it, you only get so many chances with a seven year old so I got down on my hands and knees in the puddle and counted down….

13 thoughts on “because greek messenger gods don’t have time for velcro, either

  1. This is a great shot!! Wow, both feet off the ground, with laces untied yet, like those 19th photos that finally settled the argument, whether horses’ feet are all off the ground when at a full gallop. Then the cool reflection in the water, and then the distant trees lined up with the grass on the verge, so it looks like Gulliver is about to step on the forest. I always have gotten a kick out of Hermes/Mercury but somehow didn’t know “talaria” glad to know it for the next time I’m at Payless Shoes.
    I remember going with relatives to Eisenhower Park, on Long Island (with 4- or 6-lane parkways on 3 sides of it) and walking the whole time, every square foot, on all the varieties of goose poop – crunchy, soft, semi-dissolved, etc. I think dehydrated is my favorite.

    • Last I heard, Payless Shoes went bankrupt. We could never shop there when I was growing up because everyone in our family has absurdly humongous feet although a couple summers ago when we were back in the Great Lakes State, on our way to the beach one day it turned out Oliver Fern forgot his shoes at grandma’s house (nobody wears shoes at her house, the children go feral) and it was a hundred degrees so there was no way he was going to be able to make it across the scorching sand but Hosanna! on the way to the beach there was a Payless and we found a pair of Spiderman flip flops.

      The Canada goose population has fouled some of the parks here so badly over the years, with bales of turds, that at one time or another they’ve been deported to Idaho (where racist retired LA cops go to die but hopefully that will now start changing) or even exterminated (by the thousands) and there’s some reason to believe that it may be a uniquely created problem of the State of Washington’s own doing, a wildlife repopulation program called Operation Mother Goose gone awry, I swear I’m not making this up.

  2. Cool shot Jason. I took the liberty of putting my iPad flat on the table and rotating it 180 degrees to see the photo upside down and it looks even better, like Oliver Fern is running across water, his feet plunging a few inches down into it before hurtling forward…

    • Thanks Dan. I hope my journal looks halfway decent on your iPad, your mentioning it reminds me sometimes it occurs to me I put all this effort in making it look a certain way but then devices simply render it completely differently thus defeating my good intentions. I wish I could’ve gotten the reflection better. At least part of the problem was my being prone on the abandoned roadway was attracting the curious attentions from passerbys who wanted to know the why of such silliness. the older I get the more such behavior seems to draw concern of would be good Samaritans

      • I’ve been using Feedly to follow/read, and some sites, like yours, just give a little preview, then you have to click Visit Website to see more. I think if I recall correctly it’s the same as when I was following in WP and had email updates, I got a preview not the whole post. Personally I’d rather see the whole post in the format I’ve chosen to follow, not just an excerpt. It goes against having everything in one place to read, whether that’s email or Feedly. When I click through it goes to your site but within the Feedly browser (you can choose this or Chrome, Safari etc). And aside from a white background instead of black it looks the same as on a full browser. This is all on the iPad. I do wonder why you have a right column that just has one little button (WordPress Follow) in it. Seems a bit of a waste of space when without it you could make your main text column wider, and centralised. Sorry, another thing I just like with sites I read a lot is having the text in the middle of the screen! 🙂

        I know what you mean about passers by. Anyone with a camera is viewed suspiciously these days, and men over perhaps as young as 30 even more so.

      • Once upon a time I moved that little button out of the right column which you speak of (because you’re right) and it was like Jenga…….the formatting of everything fell apart and went totally kablooie. Stunned and panicked, I stuck it back and everything……reverted to normal. So you can see I’m dealing with a house of cards, here 🙂

      • Oh! Can you not just switch off that left colum entirely and have no sidebar? In my dashboard under Design > Customize > Widgets, I have nothing in the sidebar, of Footer 3. Footer 1 has Follow, Top Posts, Recent Posts and Recent Comments, and Footer 2 has Archives. Don’t know if that’s any help? Oh my theme is called Libre2, with virtually no customisation from the standard look except fonts and sizes changed a little.

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