tier ducks

Saturday was drippy, breezy in the morning so the boys and I watched Groundhog Day for the first time. The three of us are easily amused (Oliver Fern and myself perhaps more so than Adam), we were hee-hawing from beginning to end, it was good medicine. However, what might have been a new low for me, I even cried. Groundhog Day? Most of my life, I’ve been unusually susceptible to tearjerkers.  While I’ve been the recipient of plenty well-deserved, good-natured ribbing it has never really bothered me except that over time the tears have become terribly inconvenient to the point of extreme irritation, occurring at such minor expense or cheapness that à la Steve Sax, Rick Ankiel, et. al, it has become a textbook case of the emotional yips and considering the state of the world, a hopeless one for the time being. Real men (or whatever) cry but nothing’s badder than fumbling about crying or worse yet, a self-conscious dissection of toxic masculinity. That’s not what I’m driving toward here, all I’m saying is that I value the complexity of that euphoria as a reward of brief escapism but it’d be nice to turn off the waterworks once in a while because sometimes I’m just not in the mood. Sweet, funny and sad sit together helplessly exposed in the palm of my hand like a fuzzy baby bird.

August 2010 - Cal Anderson (7)

Continuing the waterworks theme, this older frame is from a popular park on top of Capitol Hill. Oftentimes, we’ll walk past here on the way home after browsing at a nearby bookstore, it’s a good half hour by foot, back to the house. The park’s even busier than it used to be since the light rail station was built, around the corner. In fact, it has been too busy for its own good several times the past month, local law enforcement has resorted to roaming the park, pleading for parkgoers in various mental states, to dissemble, divest and get their freak on more socially distant.  I can’t remember what made me decide to isolate the spillway like this, probably because people were all around and I was resigned to something more abstract. It’s a conical structure which invites children or stoned hipsters to climb (you’re not supposed to, it’s part of Lincoln Reservoir). This reminds me of a certain scene from John Christopher’s series The Tripods and if anyone reading this is familiar with those stories from their childhood I’ll bet they can think of exactly what part my mind is on.

6 thoughts on “tier ducks

  1. Tier ducks. 🙂 OK cannot resist a pun
    It’s a cool shot. It popped up on your last post, when I looked on my phone, but not when I read the story on my laptop. It does look like an invitation to climb.
    I wouldn’t fuss too much about crying in the movies, that’s pretty universal I think. Sometimes too I’m tearing up as soon as I sit down, but it’s the tons of carpet freshener they use in the little multiplex in Geneva. Groundhog Day really is an unusual little movie, isn’t it. I know more than one person who re-watches it every year. I just looked it up on Wikipedia, to see when the heck it came out, and it said the scriptwriter was originally thinking along the lines of “Kind Hearts & Coronets,” an old British movie from the ’40’s, that’s also off-beat and great, with Alec Guinness. It’s got 8 murders, I think, but absolutely nothing scary, your sons might enjoy it.

    • thanks for the recommend on that other movie, Robert. I’ll have to check that out. I’ve got an unusually significant gap in my screen time the past ten or fifteen years, it has been fun and pretty interesting finding, vetting good movies and series to watch with both of the boys (or just with my oldest, together with his mom) and build up their (and mine) film and pop literacy. My youngest is wild about birds right now. We’re looking forward to the documentary The Central Park Effect this week.

  2. I find myself welling up sometimes watching Nature or Blue Planet. And who could blame anyone for succumbing to tears these days. Terrible times. We watched a fun little movie called The House with The Clock in It’s Walls with Jack Black and Cate Blanchett a while back. Kind of Harry Potterish, although I confess I’ve never read that series or watched the movies, so I don’t really know what I’m talking about…as if that ever stopped me. LOL. Stay well TF. Love the photo. You have a great eye.

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