stump farm

The boys and I spent the afternoon on a remarkable estuary up north which at ebb tide will occasionally reveal twenty square miles of mud (that’s a smorgasbord! says the bills and beakers) upon the whulge, seemingly far as the eye can see. While they briskly rode bikes-upon-a-dike with bird’s eye views, I ventured hand-in-hand with sore feet and tried to walk with my eyes. Carried my itty-bitty, tiny-sized tripod which screws into the Fuji and often suffices for views from the grass (or mud). We barely beat dark back to the trailhead, Adam let me ride his bike the last quarter of a mile.

November 2019 - Padilla Bay 038-2

3 thoughts on “stump farm

  1. Hi Jason – commenting on your post about two months after you posted it – just dawned on me recently, that WP had determined I was an unworthy follower, and dropped my subscription to this blog, and two others. Not sure why that happened. You sometimes have long spells of non-posting (so do I), so it didn’t immediately strike me that you were AWOL.
    So I’ve been catching up on your posts this afternoon, and enjoying the photos, too.
    I was unreasonably happy to look up “whulge” and find it isn’t just a bit of Lewis Carroll whimsy, not that there’s anything wrong with that of course, but it was great to find such a word actually exists. It’s an excellent photo, too.

    • It’s a distinct pleasure to hear from you Robert as your sense of humor and writing have always enjoyed my highest esteem. It’s true that I’ve been absent, another one of my biannual holidays from WordPress (which seem to occur at least three times per year). It has mainly been life as usual…with a few human condition ups-and-downs mixed in. Thank you for looking me up! Your messed-up subscription to my journal is partly due to hasty tinkering on my part as I’ve been on WordPress since the Industrial Revolution and so I’d ill-advisedly headed through the proverbial carwash with windows down and suffice to say before I knew it found myself with a new domain though I’m happy to report the archive survived intact. I’m really looking forward to catching up with your essays (and journaling here myself…on more than just an occasional basis). Warmest regards from Seattle to Milwaukee, I hope it has been a pleasant winter along the western shores of Lake Michigan.

      • Regards to you & family, we’re having a decent winter around here, no big arctic stuff so far. The port of Milwaukee got messed up pretty badly, by ice and a surge of water, but otherwise pretty calm. I was thinking about changing the theme/format, and it’s nice of WP to give a test mode, so you can see what it would look like, but haven’t found anything uncomplicated enough, which would still do what I want. So mine will remain as the same old, same old for now.

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