woodsmoke bay

This bay has been an important refuge for our family the past several years, it’s one of those quiet sort of places that’s perfect for homebodies who need some kind of adventure in their lives but not too much. Any extremely satisfying success through the viewfinder here has eluded me over time, it doesn’t matter whether it has been fair weather, bad storms, low tide or high tide.  The adjoining estuary has become an increasing focus of my interest and I took this a couple Saturday nights ago when we were leaving which was a good thing because the local cabin-dwellers were firing up their wood stoves altogether at once and smoky vapor drifted quite unhealthily over the beach, you can kind of see it here. Smells good, though. The boys and their mother were ambling only very slowly back to the trailhead for my benefit as I was shooting and soon I found myself accompanied by a young man with surfboard, his wetsuit was peeled like a banana awkwardly down his body and his face mostly hid under a hoodie with the exception of long, wet hair and quite a prodigious, extremely red nose and he was squeaking funny in a pair of oversized rubber boots not to mention shivering like crazy in the autumn chill. He was overcome by the serenity of this backwater just like me I guess and stopped to admire the peacefulness at dusk.

October 2019 - Freshwater Bay Afternoon 748Ordinarily I might’ve found myself a little annoyed at such an intrusion except I’d been admiring him all afternoon out on the water, he was an exceedingly confident boarder and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone out here ride with such grace for so long. The usual misanthropic side of myself felt somewhat chastened as he turned out to be a nice fellow, we chatted and I would learn he was born and raised only a few miles from here. At any rate, I thought maybe the silvery tin foil of foreground here could be interesting as a monochrome study.

Adam left Animal Farm laying about this week after he finished and Oliver Fern picked it up imagining it would be another sort of Charlotte’s Web. Was he ever disappointed.

6 thoughts on “woodsmoke bay

  1. My word. What a stunning image you’ve made! I don’t see how you can claim that “any extremely satisfying success” has eluded you after producing a frame such as this. You must have terrifically high standards, I guess, because if I had shot this I might just stop there, confident I would never be able to top it. Ditto for your claims of misanthropy, which I find difficult to imagine, knowing you to be a kind and inquisitive and open-hearted soul. But on one point I will agree with you (and poor Oliver Fern) wholeheartedly: Animal Farm is no sequel to Charlotte’s Web! I love how you always punctuate your posts with these humorous little asides.

    • I thought this was merely interesting with a little bit of good effort trophy mixed in so honestly I’m pleasantly surprised you liked it so much, thanks H! I’ve never thought of my standards as being terrifically high. However, lately I’ve worried my bar has stayed too low considering I’ve been shooting for more than a decade, now. You’d think I would’ve learned enough to be more than just serviceable doggone it. It’s so nice to hear from you. And I’ll write back. One of the boys has been ill since Friday afternoon, something a little worse than the common cold.

      • I’m so sorry to hear that one of the boys is ailing and hope it will pass soon, J. Please don’t worry about replying, but know that I’m sending good thoughts.

      • Thank you for sending thoughts our way, H. You’re a charm because Oliver finally felt (and acted) like mostly himself last night in an excitable, dramatic conclusion to Wednesday though I’ve kept him home with me today (he still sounds like 5 packs a day) and right now he’s building a fort upstairs to surprise me and making terrible banging sounds so I’m getting nervous. He’s one of those children with an ironclad immune system (maybe it’s all the dirt he ate as a baby?) so this one threw us for bit of a loop. Seems inexplicable he’ll end up missing practically the entire week due to the…… common cold???? But so it goes.

  2. One of your best photos I’ve seen J, again it’s getting that balance of foreground and background right so it’s pleasing to the eye overall wherever you look.

    Love this – “one of those quiet sort of places that’s perfect for homebodies who need some kind of adventure in their lives but not too much” – because it describes me so well these days!

    • Thank you, Dan. Your response together with H.’s feedback is classic evidence why it’s so nice to have another set of eyes evaluate our work! Obviously, I shared it so I like it. But your reception is really a nice reward.

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