absolute measure of radiated color

We had a string of awfully wet weather last week in Seattle and some of my only pictures were from shelter of the front porch, do those still count? Dunno why but I’ve always had a particular fondness for the perspective across the neighbor’s dormer, the arts-and-crafts rusticity of the architecture is like a portal to those strange times when horses were raced in the Arboretum and a trestle bridge loomed over what is now Washington Park Playfield. When I took this the valley was positively peak for color but that sure changed fast after a woolly night. Still pretty, though.

October 2019 - Foggy Color 212-3

Speaking of which, last night we went to gather up the pumpkins off the back porch, for carving. They’d been sitting out there for a couple weeks and we discovered the biggest gourd rotted straight through! The stem and crown pulled right off like a prank or Pepsi pull-tab, either way that thing had filled by smooshy osmosis with darn-near three quarts of water but Adam made out all right and enthusiastically carved what was left.  Meanwhile, Oliver Fern made his first very own jack o’ lanterns, ever. He did terrific! And tonight he lost his second front baby tooth in five days. He’s going to make a great pirate tomorrow night but it would’ve been better with that one tooth still dangling on, haha!

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