you see psilocybe cyanescens

Next weekend the Puget Sound Mycological Society is holding its annual Wild Mushroom Show, one of the largest, most complete exhibitions of mushrooms in the United States. The young fellow who fixed the gas leak last night was coming around the back when he beckoned me with childlike glee, pointing out the colony of fruiting Psilocybe cyanescens in the rust garden which had blended with unkempt surroundings underneath the old folding bicycle.

October 2019 - Magic Mushrooms 6993

He possessed such a remarkable scholarly grounding of mycology, expounding with awe upon the wonders of the natural world at length that even this morning do I remain thunderstruck at his uncommon spirit. This kid even had an old world name, he was something special. What a disappointment when a gas leak was reported someplace else in town, just when he was getting down to some really interesting insights. But so it goes for our everyday heroes. This morning I wanted to capture a vantage of that magic colony for you to go with these thoughts but it’s raining quite heavily here in Puget Sound so never mind that.

postscript: During a lull in the raindrops I managed a few exposures. My favorite is looking through the spokes of a junky bike tire, I’ll share that one later!

7 thoughts on “you see psilocybe cyanescens

    • Thanks, Emabee! Oftentimes after the fact I’ll really worry these close-ups don’t warrant as much merit as I’d imagined for it occurs to me they might just be interesting because……. it’s fun looking through a microscope, lol. But I guess that doesn’t even really matter, does it? I’m just glad you liked it. And also that you thought my encounter with Mr. Customer Field Service Technician Gas First Responder (seriously, that’s what his card says) was cool. Hip hooray for artists and nature lovers ;-), it’s so good to have them in the world…..

  1. People like this young man who have not only such a rich connection to the natural world but also such a deep understanding of its workings truly are everyday heroes. I bet he was as excited to find an attentive audience in you as you were to find a teacher in him. And what a beautiful shot you got, too!

    • Just so you know, your explorations with Pam had occurred to me (those are some of my very favorite stories/anecdotes of yours I’ve read). And I was a little nervous I’d take a picture of the wrong mushroom cluster because after all I don’t want to lose any of your esteem. It wasn’t hard to imagine you rolling your eyes in amused exasperation at your bone-headed big lug friend. But I can be hardly faulted since there must be ten different kinds of mushrooms back there. It’s a very fungusy sort of place right now. I’m starting to worry maybe I have cooties and that’s why they’re growing everywhere?

      • If we ever have the pleasure of strolling through the woods together, you will be quickly disabused of any impressions you’ve formed of my expertise. (About the only things i can reliably identify are robins and morels!) Plus, even if you can’t tell mushrooms apart there are still plenty of other reasons I hold you in high esteem. 🙂

  2. A lovely story J, and especially – ”But so it goes for our everyday heroes“… We have a few mushrooms in our garden and an abundance in the local woods, maybe I should venture out with a close up lens on a mushroom gathering (photographically speaking) field trip… My manager at work is a great enthusiast and hunts them out, then conjures up delicious risottos and other such dishes. At least I assume they’re delicious, based in my experience of her baking, not least of all her Bakewell tart and marmalade cake, which are quite probably two of the three most heavenly examples of baked goods I’ve ever experienced. I digress….

    • As always your digression is worth at least as much to me as the effort I put into sharing this, Dan. Hope you’re having a good week and I would love to hear if you find the time to get out for some closer-up work.

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