Holodiscus discolor

This is Sunday morning above town featuring a southerly exposure of a river valley where I spent years shutterbugging when the forest was accessible only if you were willing to brave a terribly potholed, dirt road along which creepy ne’er-do-wells dumped mattresses and old cars, tiki torched’em while getting high but now there’s a smooth ribbon of blacktop engineered for Instagrammers and other influencers.  When was better you ask? We sat here admiring the view, Oliver Fern correctly identified this common shrub, that tickled the heck out of me. Don’t you love the Latin name for this one? I do. There’s an ocean-spray in our backyard, found it abandoned off East Aloha several years ago, my garden is populated with strays being that Seattle’s a gardening paradise where every autumn, industrious neighbors move the furniture around as it were, plenty of cast-offs to the curb are to be had by the more opportunistic and shameless among us. The little Charlie Brown ocean-spray I brought home got plopped in a high traffic area where the boys constantly bash it with baseballs, bikes and wooden swords. You could say it’s well-loved.

October 2019 - Garfield Ledge 8954-4But really then I made the mistake of clueing them in that virtually all the coastal native groups hardened the wood from ocean-spray (also ironwood) in fire for making spears, harpoon shafts, bows and arrows. For Goodness sake, was it really necessary to mention harpoon shafts?  At any rate, Sunday morning I experimented with some of the outstanding film simulations built into my Fuji, it seemed like it could turn into a real thing but then I got home and the raw converter in Lightroom stripped those tries down to the ironwood. So ditch the nostalgia and algorithms, I guess. Should’ve used both sides of my brain.  This is just my humble take on a scraggly Holodiscus discolor which established a foothold in a lofty place. Had to chuckle when I noticed spider webs all over my exposures, including one straight down the middle of this frame (what a dragline!) but that’s Mother Nature for you….

3 thoughts on “Holodiscus discolor

  1. I had to look that one up. I thought it was a made up word you came up with for this post. Only to find out it’s the same plant we have growing around the hood. And for some reason, the photo is possibly not loading? which might be wordpress because I noticed it on another post today also.

    • Do you call it ocean spray or ironwood? I like the former because that’s where I feel like I notice it the most (if you’ve ever walked through a tunnel of salal and unkempt woody shrubs to get to the beach you probably walked under some) and the tassels really do get fluffy like splashing seafoam!

      • Well I have been calling it wild clematis and of course was wrong, but I like the ocean spray moniker. Ironwood reminds me of that horribly depressing movie of the same name with Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson from the 80’s. Ugh.

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