safer travels

We stood in a gentle drizzle waiting for the bus this morning, you would’ve observed Adam tired but cheerful to his mitochondrial level the day after pinballing about the Evergreen State Fair with his mother and three pals, in observance of his twelfth birthday and no you weren’t seeing things, he was finally wearing his new spectacles, glad to have gotten rid of those droopy duct-taped other (horseplay several weeks ago at Grandma’s house). Wonderful times were had at the fair, honestly the timing couldn’t have been better, that’s because Saturday night the entire shebang closed early after a truly remarkable lightning storm which persisted for several hours, even Oliver Fern stayed up late to watch with us from upstairs, rapt observation of those countless thunderbolts (count’em, two thousand groundstrikes that evening) approaching from the south whereupon the football stadium below at the university would switch to eerie floodlights, sending fans scrambling to the concourses for last rites.

September 2018 - Ferry to Home189

Zilch fair-going for the junior varsity as Oliver Fern opted out of manure smells, ridescreaming and sore feet, having already done the Puyallup last weekend (while this party pooper has politely declined backward and forward in the time machine, having meandered my share of midways for a lifetime).  Oliver and I spent degrees of Sunday studying maps, navigation and venturing north across the Ship Canal up to Phinney Ridge, a tall prominence which to the east offers pleasant views of Green Lake and the Cascade Mountain range while the western slope offers wide-ranging vistas of a pie shop.  We perused the stacks at that wonderfully-appointed branch library at the edge of Greenwood before wishy-washingly nudging back onto Phinney where we browsed the shelves at the boutiquey bookshop which is now doing fine on account of our pocketbook and thereafter found ourselves party to the most infuriating sort of slow-motion automotive fender scraper-bender which was offset somewhat by that encounter with a pleasant, bookish young man dazed at the prospect of future entanglement with the body shop cartel yet who offered the most sportsmanlike, consolatory handshake goodbye in the raindrops which I did accept (both the handshake and the raindrops) with some relief.  So it is that I find myself this morning preparing to bake a birthday cake, the task of which I’d apparently been given a badly-needed reprieve from by the Gods, for you see the electricity was knocked out for one and one-half hours but lo! that’s passed for the oven is now preheating for what feels like a risqué performance art piece representing my worthlessness.

postscript: Doggone it! You won’t believe this but the cake turned out fantastic, if only the helium of butter and cocoa wrought by the double-layer creation could be hyperlinked here but believe me that no offense was taken at those flirty but sympathetically backhanded insinuations later by the boys’ mother that a substantial degree of beginner’s luck was involved for nary a mention was made concerning those half dozen panicked FaceTimes, haha! Tonight after some hard math, Adam wandered a couple miles through the neighborhood and Led Zeppelin III on his own (that particular album at the advice of his uncle) while Oliver Fern read to me from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Ugh, Narnia Schmarmia.

addendum to the postscript: And so I kept putting this off because life is sorta passing perforated notebook paper glider-me like a Concorde supersonic airliner, just Old News Nellie as usual…….

6 thoughts on “safer travels

  1. Well this piece did float and zigzag a bit like a just slightly asymmetrical paper airplane, very pleasant following along, you’re definitely catching the updrafts. Congrats on a successful cake, wish you could email a hunk.
    That’s quite a lightning storm. I have an uncle in New Mexico, who’s a world-class expert on lightning, but that kind of science is over my head of course, and for me it’s just a really flashy display of magic

    • That’s pretty neat about your uncle! You can’t beat the high elevation Rockies for lightning and thunder, that’s for sure. We get our share of hairy scary in the PNW ranges but we sure don’t have those clockwork summertime afternoon thunderstorms like up-and-down Colorado.

      • I have family in NM and UT, in the Cache Valley/Wasatch Range, and it seems like in the east, we don’t get lightning like the western mountains, the bolts are big and seem to last twice as long

  2. LOVE the image of all those football fans scrambling into the concourses for last rites! Just as i love your description of yourself attempting to bake a birthday cake as a “risqué performance art piece representing my worthlessness.” And yet you nailed it! Hooray for you (though I hope this won’t make you the automatic designated baker from now on, ha ha).

    • Not that I’m bolstering my image here but it did occur to me I’ve been watching the boys’ mother make that particular cake for the past couple of decades (twice a year) so the corollary is probably the four year old who pushes the clunky step stool over to the fridge and gingerly pulls down the full, heavy carton of orange juice from the top shelf…….it’s pretty scary but not really that dangerous particularly since we’re removing the hot stove from the equation. The boys and I do plenty of baching so I’ve acquired just enough basic cooking skills to make myself dangerous 🙂

  3. Somehow we missed the celestial fireworks down here, although there was a tiny tornado blowing through. Thought I might have been driving next to a funnel cloud, but turns out the real huff and puff was a few miles away. Well done on the cake, it’s always nice when they come out of the oven and begat smiles.

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