balsamorhiza sagittata

There wasn’t a lot of that springtime mainstay balsamorhiza sagittata along the path last Saturday except for one particular draw which I must say was exceptionally pretty in the evening, owing to the emerald green grass. There’s an underground spring hereabouts which is the source of that tinkling creek which seeps out of the ground like a miracle. Beavered in vain to capture these flowers with uplands in the distance for a background characteristic of the local scenery but I was foiled- damn that wonderful bracing air swooping into the canyon! This was one of my last attempts to outwit the wind and have I mentioned the ticks, yet? No booby prize for me!

April 2019 - Umtanum Ridge 467-6

Adam had journeyed ahead by this time. He was a wonderful companion all the day long but waiting around for your dad while he’s stumbling around taking pictures gets to be a little like watching paint dry when you’re eleven years old and besides maybe he just wanted to lose himself in the imagining of his latest space opera concerto, oftentimes I’ll catch him conducting furiously and it’s the cutest thing but I have to act as though I haven’t noticed because he takes great offense to being observed like some kind of zoo animal. Ultimately he would end up patiently waiting for me down at the river, for the better part of an hour. When I found him he was luxuriating with his shoes off although he dashed under the railroad bridge to wait like some kind of troll so he could feel the evening freight train as it thundered through. Before we headed home, he and I found that lonesome willow a mile or two down the canyon. Our hopes for a short stroll up to it were dashed by barbed wire and cows with sharp horns.

7 thoughts on “balsamorhiza sagittata

  1. Boo to barbed wire and cows with sharp horns! But hooray to bare feet, space operas, and dawdling to see the flowers. I promise you that days like this will someday be among Adam’s favorite memories.

    • Well, I hope they’ll be some of his favorite memories. Because I know they’ll be mine. As far as he’s concerned I do my best to increase the odds by throwing in enticements such as surprise chocolate and he gets to sit in the front seat with me and pick out the music all the way there and all the way home and sometimes I’ll let him endlessly blab at me about video games the non-deprived kids at school are playing until it makes me crazy in the head, haha!

      • My parents used to bribe me with chocolate too (though it was more like a live-trap situation, to lure me into the car and then slam the door shut, ha ha). But all joking aside, I think it’s the kids who are spending their whole lives playing video games who are being deprived, poor things.

  2. My walks around town sometimes take me under RR bridges, and I’ll wait a little while, if a train is coming, to be underneath, the trick is, to will yourself to not look up and catch stuff in your eye. The city has put swings under one of these bridges, your son might like that combo-experience

    • He’d love that swing, for sure! Being that Seattle is geographically constrained and relatively speaking doesn’t have a ton of heavy industry (although we have neat marine/port and airplane stuff) compared to many cities of similar size, trainspotting always seems extra-cool and fun to us.

  3. “balsamorhiza sagittata”. Not sure I could even spell that, short of using copy and paste.

    I bet, in the years to come, your kids will look back fondly on all these excursions.

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