deceptively bayonet-like flora of the desert

It was the day before we headed upstate along the Wasatch Range to visit the boys’ uncle thereabout Salt Lake City for the weekend: Adam and I took a thrilling walk along the eastern rim of Zion Canyon. The path was characterized by relentless exposure and dizzying switchbacks- I found it to be one of the more enjoyable trails I’ve explored the past few years.  By certain measures (there’s an elevation gradient of 5,000 feet in the park) our journey was a tame one but the journey was more fantastic than I anticipated.
Zion CanyonBy the time we pulled ourselves up and over (and then traversing to edge’s end) morning was getting on and light was a tad bright. There was just enough sidelight for a handful of scattered, nice exposures. The end of the walk wasn’t really the climax, however. It’s about hidden slot canyons and dark pools under towering sandstone walls in the early morning cool.

Yucca can be deceptively bayonet-like and unyielding, as I have found out in the past when behind distorted cover of super wide angle lens. Rest assured, I was very careful here. It was the edge of a long way down!

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