pacific dreamcatcher

The grasses have grown up considerably in this particular spot since I first started coming here, you sort of have to wade in now and softly bed down and it’s nice to close your eyes and feel the silky tassels tickle your face. This is where I always rest for lunch and maybe a snory snooze, I was thrilled to bring Adam with me for the first time this season. I’ve been here on the most sunshiney days but it’s more common for weather to roll in which is highly preferable because you get to see the clouds and light do things you’ve never seen before. Half the time you’ll spend watching the air take magical shape around you, the other half you’ll keep trying to make out what’s making the shadows, splotches of light and twenty shades of blue on the ocean for what seems like a thousand square miles below.


Later you’ll realize those blobs and squiggles of light were fierce squalls and by the time you figure out what hit you the gosh darn rainbows come out- just hope it doesn’t rain too hard or your life could be in danger during the Traverse of Death, which weighs heavily on my increasingly mobility-impaired self each season. We got blasted hard for awhile and I felt a little sorry for Adam because he was squinting through his raindrop-speckled glasses like the nutty professor, to see where he was going.

6 thoughts on “pacific dreamcatcher

  1. Isn’t it wonderful to have such a long and rich history with a favorite spot? There’s a sort of intimacy that comes with long acquaintance, almost like being able to remember a loved one before they had the little crinkles on their forehead or gray hair. And your image is nothing short of STUNNING. This one is worthy of a museum (I am not exaggerating!). Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    • Thank you, Heather. I’m really pleased you liked the image so much. It seems more than just a little blasphemous whenever I choose a monochrome portrayal for something from Kauai, almost as if I’m defying common sense or good taste. There was an interesting weirdness to this that didn’t quite translate from home to WordPress but……..

      • Blasphemy??!! Quite the contrary, sir: sacrament. Your image brings me into communion with nature — and to me that is the very definition of common sense and good taste.

  2. PS: If Adam’s adventure as a rain-speckled nutty professor was anything like some of the ill-fated adventures I shared with my own father, he will treasure that memory for the rest of his life.

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