the elwha ferry

This was the classic case of realizing nearly too late the elements were here for an interesting image. I liked the progression: From the ferry to ferris wheel to Space Needle. But mainly, what I liked most of all was being across from the Elwha, certainly the ferry reminded me of that beloved, classic eponymous river in the Olympic Mountains. And I like looking at pictures with signs or local place names in them. And once again…….. another monochrome. A handful of my last bunch of shots (especially the creepy demon) were pretty documentary so it feels good to share something I really “saw”. Well, sort of. One could argue this scene presented itself for the taking but you know what I mean.

Oliver Fern and I rode the big bike home in a downpour, yesterday. I’m not sure exactly why but it seemed like there was an unusual preponderance of oil spills on the roadway along with bad, pebbly potholes. As for the potholes, it’s simply the season after various spells of cold (for Seattle) followed by warmer, particularly wet weather the past couple months but I don’t have any ideas about the oil.  The streets just seemed super-duper dirty. Speaking of which, every day on my way back up the hill from the school bus I trudge by a neighbor’s red Dodge Sprint, that distinctively European-inspired boxy work van the style of which has grown in popularity the past several years. This truck is parked curbside a quarter of the way up the block and has a horrendous oil leak and there’s the bad kind of rainbow, a nauseating two foot wide sheen of oxbow streaming down the road–  destined to find a way into Puget Sound. Runoff from our roadways is an extraordinary problem for the local marine ecosystem. Unfortunately, it’s not just the leaky trucks and junkers contributing to the mess. There’s a hidden, not-so-nice potpourri of toxic metals and congregate particles coating our streets that gets washed down the drain on a regular basis.

Speaking of toxic metals and potholes, there was a bit of a pall at home last night. Big brother got in trouble at school, which was very out of character for him. The genesis was seeded (is that redundant?) when a classmate sang Jingle bells, jingle bells, batman smells, Adam laid an egg along with some throwing of grass and dirt in the hair. In the process of trying to uphold his honor he got caught various times for general rascalry and loudness after the metaphorical whistle (sorry for that, I typically don’t tolerate sports metaphors) had blown but then in the afternoon the shit really hit the fan with a substitute teacher and by that time things had snowballed on him. I had a stern lecture with a straight-as-possible face and he spent the rest of the night finishing a week’s worth of homework, writing “I will not disrupt class” a hundred times (old school) and going to bed early. I felt bad when he came home this afternoon with a packet of extra homework from his teacher, maybe my “writing assignment” wasn’t completely necessary. Perhaps fifty “I will not disrupt class” would have sufficed, haha! Part of me found the extra classwork-as-punishment a little off (at least it was enrichment stuff, with a few fun pages thrown in) since he’s in the class for smarties but I’ve been out of the educational system for a long time. He had already missed one recess. Gotten held out of a group activity. For one section of the homework packet, I had to introduce him to the concepts of long multiplication (which he found to be fun and not a big deal since he is already a whiz on his multiplication tables). At the start of the school year I didn’t set my expectations extraordinarily high based on his teacher’s surfer mentality toward curriculum, so I’ve kept doing a lot of stuff with Adam at home (but my philosophy is always to bugger off if he wants to read…….reading trumps everything else).

At any rate, I realize I’m painting a portrait of myself as an overbearingish boob of a quasi-Tiger Mother but to be completely honest about Jingle Bells and Batman Smells-Gate I don’t mind him getting into a little trouble because he’s a bit of a goody two-shoes. He’s a really good big brother, he likes his school and class (and surfer teacher), a lot. He’s so great, every night before dinner he emcees a sofa-destroying but quite impressive dance-off to AC/DC, OMD or B.B. King, depending on his mood.

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