ghost forest of sleeping bear dunes

This is from a series I shot last summer that I’d been mothballing because I was set on sharing it as a collection. It was the day before a storm moved in, the weather was turning and I was feeling jazzed about capturing such an interesting subject (well, to me it’s interesting…….a lot of people probably indignantly walk past these snags, dying for shade and a humongous pitcher of Crystal Light) with amazingly scenic skies.

My big sister and I brought our boys to the dunes here at Sleeping Bear and our small party split on this loop hike because I had my heart set on shooting these silvery snags. Adam was a very good sport about waiting for me in this expansive, Tatooine-like bowl (i got a little chuckle out of him when I said we should try and imagine C-Threepio and Artoo Detoo heading in opposite directions) while I tinkered, it was hot-as-heck. I think my nephew thought we were daffy for dropping back down in here instead of wrapping up the loop through actual living woods but this was by far my favorite feature of all the terrain we explored. At any rate, Adam’s perseverance paid off because I jumped in Lake Michigan with him and his cousin for some amazingly refreshing swimming. I’ll always remember this walk because it was so pleasantly stormy the next day at my mom and dad’s house and my mom and I relaxed in her livingroom in the storminess of the late afternoon and talked and drank red wine (i drank most of it).

Speaking of which, today was rainy as heck. Adam spent the afternoon at the pool down in Rainier Beach, Oliver Fern and I holed up at the house all day by ourselves reading books-upon-many books and simply puttering about and periodically pining for the hard-working mother to return home from the office and warm herself by the hearth and perhaps allow us to order a large pepperoni pizza.

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