the ‘aina, the land, is alive and so was i

I tried to get down Kalepa Ridge this year but it was far, far too slippery for my taste after the recent storms. At one point early in the walk I reached a section where the path sloped downhill and was just mildly exposed but my enthusiasm vanished into thin air. I turned around without so much as a friendly debate about cowardice with myself and went someplace else and had a wonderful time so thank you very much. Nevertheless, here’s a view from last year’s walk down the path. Other than that section of slipperiness by the Cliffs of Death I just mentioned, it’s quite a pleasant stroll. There are unbelievable drop-offs throughout the entire walk so there’s a certain intensity of spirit for the timid but the scariness is never debilitating. Unless it has been raining. If it starts pouring (or has been) you may have some trouble on your hands.

Or it can be a sunny day and you can still have some major trouble on your hands if both of your quadriceps muscles inexplicably seize up with cramps like out-of-control, haywire electric transformers, in the middle of the walk. That happened to me last year. But that’s really a non-story for another day.

I shot this scene with a pretty shallow depth of field and I don’t think it translates here in the smaller size but I still like it enough for sharing. I edited the file a little with NIK Silver Efex, which sure is a nice program! For years I’ve wanted to try it especially for working on black and white images and finally I downloaded it for a trial, last week.

6 thoughts on “the ‘aina, the land, is alive and so was i

  1. Wow! That is a superb shot – and it sure does look slippery! I am a fan of Nik software – I rarely do much post processing, but just occasionally I need to boost a b/w and Nik is superb for that. Don’t know where I would be without it 🙂

    • Thanks, James. And I should add that you were my inspiration to finally give Nik a whirl after only thinking about it for so long- there was a really nice image you shared last week or thereabouts and you happened to mention Nik and that got me to some doing.

      • Aww, thanks. The trick is (I have found) to use it sparingly. When I first got it everything I took I put through Silver Efex or Color Efex, and I sort of lost my way a bit. But now I use it for selected photos. Still, each to their own and I am sure you will have a fun time playing with it. Have a Great Christmas 🙂

  2. Whoa… that’s amazing. And I’m not sure I am that brave! The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!

    Those Nik filters are my favorites.. I use them alot. Well done, Jason! On both the hike and the shot.

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