may the schwartz be with you

This was on Pike Street last spring, during the final day of the 2015 Emerald City Comicon. I was comiconed out and sauntering around Pike Place Market to see what could be seen before heading home when Barf came strolling along. He wore his jumpsuit well, haha! I have a funnier shot of him out in the crosswalk but I liked the tighter portrait of his nice smile and the way the bokeh of brakelights framed him, as it were. Tickets just went on sale last week for the 2016 convention. I picked up three day passes (just like Barf, here) for Adam and I. The convention next spring has been expanded to four days (Thursday, in addition to Friday through Sunday).

Speaking of Barf, I’m reminded of the year Adam actually did barf at Comicon. Such a pain in the behind when your kids do stuff like that……….

8 thoughts on “may the schwartz be with you

  1. lol Oh the joys of parenthood. You remind me of a time my youngest son gave me… the look. And then promptly turned and barfed in my mother in law’s shoes. I have to give her credit. It was Christmas and she had a house full of guests and she just quietly stepped out of her shoes and tiptoed out of the room, while I looked for the nearest black hole to swallow us up.:) It does make for great stories in the end though. Where else but Comicon could you so freely be Barfy?;-) Love the image.. it makes me smile back.

    • I know exactly what you mean about the look. It triggers that timeworn millisecond of confusion, which is followed by a horrible realization and then the innate, primal urge to contain or deflect. I promise not to ever bring this subject up again, haha!

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