disappearing into the forest

I shot an image like this last year that I fell in love with right away, Adam was descending into the forest in this exact spot en route to the beach and there was a serendipitously-placed autumnal leaf in the foreground but I like this picture for tonight because it has both of the boys in it. Some years the steep drop down the Giant John trail to the beach is a little scary because there’s a lot of bare, hard sand but this year is easy-peasy…. so much so, I didn’t bother spotting Oliver as he butt-scooted down. In this picture, the boys are just about to funnel their way into Cushy Hourglass Chute of Soft Sand that’s fun on the way down but a grind on the way up (one step up, three steps back). I thought it was sweet how they look like a couple of airplane co-pilots, here. We ordinarily plunge-step our way down Cushy Hourglass Chute of Soft Sand but Oliver insisted he and Adam go down on their bottoms. I would regret this shortly thereafter (not that I wasn’t expecting to be filthy by the end of the day but sand sifting down your shirt collar is a special class of aggravation) when Oliver insisted on a papa-taxi because he was scared of teenie-weenie crabs and geoducks.

Speaking of geoducks, last night I caught little brother spouting water out of his mouth at the dinner table but he tried to cover himself by informing me he was pretending to be a geoduck, hahaha! I’m not making that up, I swear. I could use a squirt of water from a geoduck, tonight. The warm day heated our house up like a toaster oven and I feel like warmed-up burnt toast……

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