pentidotea wosnesenskii (kelp isopod, rockweed isopod, green isopod, scary larry isopod)

Adam is generally not squeamish about picking up critters, as evidenced here (perhaps this kelp isopod is no big deal to you, whereas for me, the honest fact of the matter is that being accidentally crawled upon by this big bastard would have me shrieking and foaming at the mouth and bashing myself with a 2×4 if I thought it would make the thing drop off). On the other hand, Oliver inexplicably struggled with the first leg of our journey on the beach. Thousands upon thousands of tiny crabs skittered underfoot mid-morning and it was too much for him to bear. He was terrified even of the anemones, seaweed and barnacles. This really caught me off guard since he’s generally not overly-touchy about creepy crawlies. Except for the odd sand bar, he refused to brave a single step and I finally had to give him a papa-taxi on my shoulders most of the way to the Perkins Lane Ruins. Big brother did an excellent job of breaking down his fears with gradual desensitization and by mid-afternoon he was obsessing over how many crabs he could find. I wish the light could’ve been a little softer for displaying the striking emerald green of this, one of the largest intertidal isopods in the Sound, but I was more than grateful for the unpanicky presentation. For the second night in a row, we walked up the hill to Volunteer Park for frisbee. Adam got into an awfully nice groove with some laser-guided throws my way. Jammed his fingers a few times catching but also did a nice impersonation of the Harlem Globetrotters with a couple silky finger rolls. I worry the most about him catching a frisbee on the bridge of his nose. At any rate, when both of the boys got overheated we climbed the water-tower for a refreshing breeze…….

3 thoughts on “pentidotea wosnesenskii (kelp isopod, rockweed isopod, green isopod, scary larry isopod)

  1. I love reading this…my about-to-be-30-yr-old son was playing frisbee over the weekend, too – he was just telling me about it. He used to always be jamming his fingers, always. Oh well. The critter – I mean the kelp isopod… is interesting – I will have to look for it!

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