I finally finished Jon Lee Anderson’s seminal Che, which is a good thing because it’s 700 some-pages and a few times late at night I dozed off and bonked myself in the face pretty hard (why it can be bad to read in bed).

A couple blocks from our house there’s a cluster of workvans parked on the street for a catering business run out of the day-lighted basement of a turn-of-the-century bungalow. According to somebody in the neighborhood who has lived on that street all her life, for the longest time the space in that little house was a sort of corner store-type shop in the old days but apparently was robbed so often the proprietors got fed up and eventually went out of business.  At any rate, I did a double-take when I saw a rare Che(vrolet) edition van….

We took the boys up to the Middle Fork Snoqualmie yesterday to play in the woods (jumping off enormous fallen logs, laying on squishy piles of moss- that sort of thing). I have a secret place there I discovered a few years ago. The rough road up the Middle Fork is getting closed pretty soon for a couple years while it gets reinvented as paved access. As chagrined as I’ve felt over the years trashing my car on the bottomless potholes, I’m a little sad about the upcoming fancy-dancy road.  The Middle Fork has always been the general area between Seattle and Snoqualmie Pass I depended upon for finding a relatively quiet nook (albeit, a nook with abandoned televisions and roofing shingles). My secret place will probably stay secret, but in general the Middle Fork’s salty character will be a thing of the past…….

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