kaua’i culture

Kauai’s daily newspaper, The Garden Island, drives me bananas. I find it to be a piece of utterly pointless rubbish, offering as it does the most infuriating newsletterishly dull view of Kaua’i and the culture and going-ons of the island, that you could possibly imagine. It’s not because I’m missing the daily mainlander mish-mash intrigue of crime and scandal, as it were. It’s just simply the most godawful boring newspaper I think I’ve ever read, perhaps on par with Auto Trader. I mainly read The Garden Island each day when we’re on the island as a form of masochist entertainment- becoming frequently enraged by AP articles featuring the plight of the horribly-bad University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors football team, political scandals in Orange County California or fluff pieces detailing the challenges for lifestyle refugees starting health-food beadwork studios on the north shore after moving to Kaua’i from places like Colorado or Montana. But then again, putting out a good daily is not as easy as it seems and I think I know this after I tried when I was in the fifth grade. I suppose you’re muttering under your breath that I’m clearly not paradising enough if I’m spending any time at all reading The Garden Island. Or maybe Mr. Big Dummy Britches should get a clue and read the Honolulu paper, instead. Well yeah, maybe I should. But I don’t want to read about Oahu. Perhaps I just can’t get a clue and the truth is no self-respecting Kauaian reads The Garden Island except to see who got thrown in jail over the weekend.

For what it’s worth, Kauai Culture is a company featuring a wide assortment of brightly colored trucker hats and clothing. I saw this scooter in Koloa Town. You see a fair number of people buzzing around the island with scooters, it looks like a lot of fun.

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