i walked up the volunteer park water tower ten times without falling on my face

Because I was curious, tonight I walked up the water tower ten times for 1,060 steps. When Adam was a baby, for my first long walk with him in the Baby Bjorn I was a tad ambitious and took him to the top of the water tower after a couple miles of wandering. I’ll never forget how I was such an out-of-shape slob at the time that I pulled a muscle in my upper thigh partway down the tower stairs and had to limp home, hahaha! At any rate, tonight was quiet in Volunteer Park so late, almost to midnight. I kept expecting the security service that’s in charge of locking the tower to show up and tell me it was time to scram but it was still open when I left.

I’ve taken a lot of people up the water tower over the years for a not-as-touristy alternative to the Space Needle.

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