travels in an unknown country

This morning I finished O Canada: Travels in an Unknown Country by Jan Morris. Here, she has collected essays about ten different Canadian cities and towns. O Canada was my first time reading Morris, I got the inspiration to read something by her because lately it had seemed like authors in my readings had been name-dropping her more than occasionally. I’m excited to sample some more of her work, I was delighted with her prose style. Yet based on a preliminary bibliographical review of her work I have the nagging fear O Canada may be the Jan Morris book for dummies. At any rate, a few of the essays here floored me with her fantastic wit and insight….the last chapter, on Vancouver BC, had me giggling. She writes with a sort of curmudgeonly streak after my own heart.

Today was quite beautiful in Seattle and I would’ve loved to have been walking in either the Cascades or Olympics, which were hazy-looking but teased me all day long because they sat there calling my name- I’ve had my eye on the trail to Lipsy Lake and Otter Falls for Adam and I. But after throwing my back out a week-and-a-half ago, a small fortune of plants sat forlornly in their containers, in danger of becoming root-bound after waiting in the front yard the past month for their freedom. So I labored slowly and conservatively with them all day long as to not re-aggravate my back strain and as I write this I’m confident I can go to bed and wake up tomorrow morning without groaning and falling out of bed sideways like a beached whale breaded in sand trying desperately to roll itself back into the water. I’m not completely satisfied with the homes I gave a few plants, I was practically staggering around at the end of the day from tiredness and my judgment was severely impaired and patience run thin- I’m just immensely relieved to be out of the red. Those little critters are going to have to buck up for a while and do their best, I’ll make sure to water’em enough.

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