adam admires a chevrolet camaro on our way home tonight, while crow makes messy trouble for me

Oliver Fern and I walked Adam home from school, tonight. We stopped for a chocolate milk break at Seven Hills Park, where we saw a sunbather get agitated when he was stirred from his nap on the grass after a nosy sniffing off-leash pooch licked his stomach. He was a wrinkly old guy with a mean face but I sympathized with him after the dog owner in true Seattle fashion acted stunned that anyone could not appreciate being licked. Next door to the old First Church of Christ Scientist building that was bizarrely converted into condos, Seven Hills Park has become quite popular on sunny days with the dog-walking and novel-reading set. A mental health clinic is nearby and so not coincidentally I’ve occasionally noticed some interesting behaviors in the park, nothing particularly threatening, maybe the occasional stare-down by a guy wearing an oversized army jacket. The occasional edginess is good to offset the otherwise bland scene here. At any rate, farther away a couple blocks from our house, Adam saw this candy apple red Chevrolet Camaro and told me he wished it could be our car. I have distinct memories from the mid-eighties of myself as a grade schooler doodling line drawings of this same model (the IROC-Z).

Tonight while we were getting dinner ready for the boys, I spotted crow on the back porch taking a dip in Oliver Fern’s pool. I shared an earthworm with him a few weeks ago while I was gardening, and then a dog treat on the back porch a few days later…….and he’s been my pushy friend ever since. I’m hoping to coax more of his personality out. Right now he’s just a bossy bird. I was infuriated at him early this week when I discovered he’d ripped some trash apart I had sitting in the sheltered alcove at our back door. I’d had to put the kitchen garbage out because of a messy diaper I couldn’t fit in the regular diaper pail (at least, not without getting doo-doo all over myself). Crow had dragged the diaper and it’s contents out of the way (and onto the deck) to get to hopefully better-smelling stuff below. I sort of felt like I got my just reward, as nothing like that had ever happened before. Crows are interesting but it’s probably trouble to try and befriend them.

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