sprangle wants to wear pretty dresses

On the way home from school tonight, Adam announced he changed his name earlier today. He now wants to be known as Sprangle. Before dinner, he and I walked down into the valley to the corner store across the street from Cafe Flora so I could get a bottle of wine and he could get an orange Push-Up. On the way, he asked “Papa, do you remember when I told you that I’d really like to get some dresses and tights to wear?” I did remember. Sometimes I’m suspicious of what they talk about in circle time at preschool. But if Adam wants to wear a dress…..so be it. Last year he wanted real knickers terribly bad for the longest time, he resorted to rolling up his pants every day since we couldn’t find knickers that weren’t for costume. Eventually, his obsession with knickers faded (to tell you the truth, I was sort of disappointed- I think they’re pretty cute). At any rate, I tried to tell him he could wear Mama’s dresses, but he wants his own.

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