an early morning ferry and passage into eagle harbor

I felt like sharing another picture-from-a-ferry, tonight–I suppose I’m still thinking of the boat ride home from Bremerton last Saturday afternoon. I love criss-crossing the Sound by ferry, though I’m certain some longtime commuters to places like Vashon, Bremerton and Bainbridge roll their eyes every time a weekender starts gushing poetic notions about the ferry commuting lifestyle.  This is the early morning view from a different route across the Sound. It’s the back end of the boat as you’re arriving at the ferry terminal on Bainbridge Island. That’s Seattle in the distance and the silhouette of the Cascade range behind the city. The low, dark land mass to the right is Vashon Island. The Bainbridge ferry is a short crossing at just 35 minutes, whereas the Bremerton boat takes 55 minutes. When I’m heading out to the Olympic Peninsula, I take the Bainbridge ferry because it gets me farther north (and closer to the Hood Canal Bridge). If I had just a little bit wider angle when I took this picture, Mt. Rainier would be sitting on the right corner and blowing your socks off.

In case you’re puzzled at the logic of riding the ferry to Bainbridge Island to get to the Olympic Peninsula- a bridge connects Bainbridge to the Kitsap Peninsula…..

Oliver Fern has officially unleashed the beast within! He’s a whirling, crawling dervish. But it isn’t really the crawling that’s a surprise this week (he’s been able to crawl for a few weeks but this week he has really started scooting). It’s the STANDING! He’s pulling himself up everywhere: The sofa, the stairs, his bed, me when I’m laying on the floor in the livingroom. All he wants to do is…..stand up (assisted, mind you)! At 8 months, Adam had crawled upstairs all by himself. For awhile it looked like Oliver was following a different clip, but now i think he won’t be too far off. Grandma claims he was going to make it all the way upstairs this morning before I showed up and distracted him when he was on the landing (which is 3/4 of the way up) but it would have been very unofficial because I noticed she was spotting him pretty heavily ( a tug here, a push there). Another difference between Oliver Fern and Adam at this age, which I’ll admit I’m finding rather endearing, is that Oliver seems to be more of a Papa’s boy.

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