imperial sandtroopers at shi shi beach

Adam carried these along with us on the hike down Shi Shi Beach to Point of the Arches.  I’d promised him we’d have a little photo shoot featuring these guys. I was looking forward to it most of the day but as the afternoon wore on I was getting more and more distracted and overwhelmed by our magnificent surroundings and my inspiration for the action figure shoot waned and then, well- Adam started going on and on about how he was going to construct a model of the Pit of Carkoon (the infamous Sarlaac) on the beach (using driftwood as teeth and kelp as tentacles) and have the Stormtroopers’ legs sticking out. Holy cow, it was starting to sound so complicated I just didn’t want anything to do with it anymore, haha!

We’d doodled and noodled quite a bit between Point of the Arches and Petroleum Creek on the way back but it was becoming obvious I was going to be in the doghouse if we didn’t stop and take the sandtroopers out. I talked Adam out of the Pit of Carkoon and we turned our attention to the back of the beach, where a ridge of low sandstone stuck out like the toenail of a protruding bluff high above us. The shadows on the north side of the bluff made a most fine backdrop.

The sandtrooper on the dewback is an old POTF. I love the stormtroopers with the epaulets, that’s such a cool feature. They didn’t have those when I was a boy. Considering the relative simplicity of the vintage figures’ sculpts, I’m sure adding epaulets would’ve been some sort of production nightmare. Kenner was already caught off guard by demand……

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