oliver fast asleep during his first long walk in the piggyback carrier (deception island in the distance)

I’d planned to go snowshoeing this morning on Rainier but last night I decided it was too cold and the lack of ice scraper for my car served as a further deterrent. I’m just not very tough, am I?

As consolation (but arguably more satisfying) this afternoon we took the boys north to Deception Pass for some easy walking along the frosty whulge. It was Oliver’s first walk in the piggyback carrier. Quite a momentous day, really! Oliver did very well, he even fell asleep in the danged thing. He’s a lot easier to carry in the Piggyback than Adam was the past couple years (18 pounds versus 45 pounds…..heck yeah). Here he is snoozing at the top of a cliff looking out to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. I love walking around Reservation Head, there are lots of nooks and crannies to explore and I’ve harbored all sorts of plans over the years for shooting in them. In the afternoon, high clouds moved in from the north so the light was rather drab, we missed out on the wall-to-wall blue skies by one day.

Adam and I pretended he was an invention of Man-at-Arms (that was me), I decided he was BoyTron, an android trainer and playmate for the children of Eternia. As part of his final training, BoyTron had to journey on a sort of vision quest into the wilderness across Reservation Head to prove his worth for the House of Randor. I communicated with him via radio transmitter at various points along the way to provide moral support and clues as to hidden caches on the way which contained special defenses and supplies that could come in handy if he ran into any of Skeletor’s henchmen (or Evil Lynn). BoyTron did very well from attacks by Beast Man, the Rock People, Evil Lynn and the Salal Monster. On the way back to Bowman Bay, BoyTron held his own in the final test as i whipped bull kelp at him. Our reverie was interrupted by a trio of disappointed Seahawks fans who were walking off their crushing loss hangover, they told us all about the game.

The only disappointment of the day was the apparent closure of the Deception Pass Cafe. No more crab cake sandwiches for me. I’d planned for us to stop there on the way home. The cafe is now home to a company offering jet boat tours and bungee paragliding.

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