grizzled scavenger hunter on the trail to coal creek falls

Adam and I spent the afternoon walking in the woods in Cougar Mountain Regional Park. Before we left the house, Grandma made a list of things for Adam to find in the forest along the trail. I knew it was going to be a good walk when Adam found a faux diamond bead (an item that does not belong in the forest) a quarter of a mile into the hike. He’s excited about stringing it with some other beads and making it his Cougar Mountain necklace. The diamond bead was all-too appropriate given the history of coal in this area.

We covered a few miles, taking our time on a planned detour that took us along the old Red Town Dam. Adam ate a late lunch at Coal Creek Falls. The falls are running very high and so I was a little disappointed I didn’t bring my filters and tripod, but it was nice to travel lighter than usual.

The only items we couldn’t find along the trail were a red flower and mistletoe. On the way home we stopped at the grocery store and Adam got his mom a red rose and flirted with the ladies in floral so they’d give us a sprig of their mistletoe.

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