the star wars storybook

“Mission?…what mission?” shouted Threepio. “You’ve gone mad!” That’s Threepio, right before he and Artoo make their getaway in an escape pod on Princess Leia’s ship in order to avoid capture by stormtroopers who’re desperate to find the plans for the death star the rebels have stolen. The escape pod jettisons from the Tantive IV and hurtles down to Tatooine. Tonight, Adam and I started The Star Wars Storybook (published by Scholastic, Inc.). It’s pretty good so far, the text and storyline are leaps and bounds above our other Star Wars book.

There are even movie stills from the book I don’t recognize, and an entire page (including pictures) devoted to a discussion between Luke and his friend, Biggs. The scene with Biggs looks vaguely familiar, but I can’t remember ever seeing it on-screen. Is it a deleted scene George Lucas put back in the newer releases of Star Wars?

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