star wars treasury

This morning on my way home from the grocery store I stopped just for a moment (it was a race against time, before the ice cream melted and turned into milk shakes) at one of my favorite secondhand bookstores to peruse the science fiction and collectibles/historical books. My primary mission was to see if I could find a storybook for The Empire Strikes Back so Adam and I can start reading it over and over before the film. The ESB storybook we have right now is rather flinty when it comes to plot details.

Lo and behold I found Star Wars Treasury! The cool-looking cardboard case (that’s what you’re looking at here) is in poor condition and ironically enough The Empire Strikes Back is missing (in its place is a collectible book about the making of Return of the Jedi) but I only paid a couple bucks for the set so it was well worth it to me. The Star Wars Storybook and The Return of the Jedi are the same paperbacks my brother and I shared when we were boys. I’d still like to add hardbacks of all three stories to my Star Wars collection, they’re pretty easy to find and they’ll hold up a lot longer (for Adam’s and Oliver’s sake). On a very good note, The Star Wars Storybook is a step up from the book Adam and I have been reading, there’s much more text and better movie stills. We’re going to start it tomorrow night.

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