the hidden lake peak fire lookout

The Hidden Lake Peak fire lookout is up there on the higher of the two pinnacles, if you squint you may be able to barely make out the whiteness of the lookout nestled against the dark rock. About right now on the hike, the lily-livered (like me) think to themselves “I-i-i’m going up th-th-there?” The final, steep section of the hike, which basically starts at the notch to the left, is airy as far as whistle-walking is concerned. But as long as there’s no snow you’ll be okay.

Speaking of the Cascades, they’re getting a humongous dump truck load of snow at this very moment! I’m thinking of heading to the Olympics tomorrow for some shooting along the Quinault, I’m not sure what I want to do, yet. If motivation falls through, I may just stay home and eat a lot of ice cream.

it's up there

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