chocolate sauce, or other intoxicating liquors are prohibited in the magnificent forest

Tonight I kayaked Lake Washington from Leschi to Seward Park. Adam, Oliver and Diana dropped me off in Leschi, we rendezvoused later on the long rocky beach on the northern side of Bailey Peninsula. It was a peaceful evening to be on the water, the wind was down and the number of drunken pleasure boaters was pleasantly low. Unfortunately the usual interesting mountain views (the Cascades, especially the famous levitating Mt. Rainier) were not to be had whatsoever.  It has been a couple weeks ago now that a Saturday night storm sparked 200 separate fires throughout the Cascade Mountain range and since then the skies around Seattle have been like industrial revolution times. En route to Seward Park I thought I was going to be torn apart limb-by-limb by a vicious Standard Poodle guarding someone’s boat dock. Lucy the Pug can’t stand Standard Poodles, there’s an obnoxious one in our neighborhood. At any rate, I tried to splash water at the Standard Poodle and I almost tipped myself over. Right after that I saw my neighbor’s modified, old Dodge work truck rounding Mt. Baker Beach, he’s an arborist. He always smells like the woods and gasoline.

I came ashore on Bailey Peninsula to visit with Adam, Oliver and Diana. Adam was so excited to see me he slipped on the pebbly beach and his hand landed in a pile of dog poop, I saw it happen from my boat and screamed in slow horror motion. Once ashore, Diana  almost bludgeoned me with my own kayaking paddle after I asked her for the 75th time if she got Adam’s hand really, really cleaned off. Oliver had to nurse so Adam and I killed time walking down the path to the bathroom in the stone shelter at the edge of the woods where I gave him detailed instructions on how to not touch the putrid stainless steel toilet with his penis otherwise we’d have to rush him to Harborview and that was followed with a question-and-answer session about how instead of playing his equipment like Pete Townshend that to shake the last couple drops off he should utilize a little more finesse.

On our way back to Oliver and Diana we gazed up at these signs. If you’re familiar with the walk around the Magnificent Forest then you’re familiar with these goofy things nailed 50 feet up big trees that grace the shoreline walking path. I realize alcoholism is a serious problem in the squirrel community but I wish the City of Seattle Parks and Recreation Department could remove these relics.

It was a nice paddle around Bailey Peninsula. When Adam disappeared behind the trees I could still hear the clattering of his Hot Wheels scooter before he would reappear in a clearing. I didn’t get any pictures from the boat of the kind I like, the light was drab. So I leave you with this parting shot from Bailey Peninsula looking northwest and downtown peeking above the neighborhoods…..

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