on hiking tatoosh ridge

Tatoosh Ridge for plodders is at least a six mile hike and 2,600 feet of elevation gain. With my detour and back-and-forths, I figure I turned it into a nearly 7 mile hike with 2,800 feet of gain. If you go for the Tatoosh lookout, it’s a lot longer- 11 miles and I’m guessing well over 3,500 feet of elevation gain. I’ll be back to visit the lookout (only the foundation remains, the actual building is gone): It’s an intriguing destination with an interesting history (Martha Hardy wrote about her years as a fire lookout there in her 1947 book Tatoosh). I can wait on the lakes, though.

I keep telling myself to remember my field guide when I go hiking. The meadows up high were a bonanza of flowers!

In the picture below, you can barely make out Mt. St. Helens on the horizon- in the left of the frame.

This is another look at what the meadow traversing on Tatoosh Ridge looks like:

Speaking of flowers, I did a ton of deadheading in the garden this afternoon. Mark my words: No more Shasta daisies. I planted a bunch of them last year, and they’re showy as heck and we’ve been getting bountiful pretty bunches (Adam and I must have made a half dozen huge bouquets with them this summer so far). But the showiness comes with a price- they flop over bad if you don’t plant them in a strategic way. And they stink like a seventh grader’s dirty gym socks. I always end up putting the bouquets out on the porch after a day or two because the smell drives me up the wall.

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