make sure you strap your friends in before you take them for a jet pack bike ride and tell them to keep their hands off the atom smasher!

Tonight after dinner, Adam and I took a leisurely walk in the neighborhood (well, I walked and he rode his bike). Our turnaround was Prentice Frazier Park. As you can see here, Adam’s wearing the jet pack made famous at Rialto Beach. In case you were wondering, his helmet is supposed to be Battle Cat (He Man’s feline sidekick). That’s a saddle on top of the helmet. I have Battle Cat in my collection and then a couple months ago we read Maze of Doom, a Masters of the Universe story. Adam fell in love with the idea of Battle Cat and decided that’s who he wanted to be. Ordinarily, Hootie the Owl rides Battle Cat. But tonight Adam decided to give Husky Bear a turn, who unfortunately was too husky for the safety restraint system we designed and kept falling out. So he rode most of the way in my back pocket. That’s Caramel the Dog hitching a ride in the Atom Smasher.

As an experiment, I put my old Nikkor 18-200 VR on my D700 and left the camera on full frame mode. There’s a lot of vignetting and the lens can’t resolve very well on this camera, but I’ve been starved lately for a portable lens with major reach. I think I could get away using the 18-200 for portraits like this, I actually like the wacky corner distortion and vignetting. Landscapes are a totally different story- the vignetting would be a major hindrance. More often than not I’d probably end up cropping important elements of an image.

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