hypermiler nerd alert

I noticed the dirty looks (most evident at four way stops) on my way home from the Downtown Seattle Toyota dealership with our new Prius. Yes, I’m a hypermiler wannabe. A data rich-dashboard debutante. An Eco mode dork. An idiot who couldn’t figure out how to put his car in drive for the way home (the engine hood was popped open for half the ride back to the house…I stopped at 12th and East John to put it back down).  I resisted this purchase as long as possible. I didn’t want a new car but Diana insisted she wouldn’t feel safe hauling both Bambino and Adam in our Toyota Echo.

It’s a cool-looking Prius. Nautical blue metallic with dark gray leather seats. Leather is vastly superior when it comes to wiping off baby barf and yogurt. It’s also highly resistant to 12 mile hike big guy-buttstink pheromone.

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