if Salacious Crumb should lose his tail

It snowed in Seattle this morning. Fat, fluffy wet flakes for about two hours. No accumulation to speak of.

Adam and I spent the afternoon rock hounding along the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River. He latched onto ostrich egg-like grandiorite, with lots of sparkly golf ball and baseball-sized pieces. Ugh. I tried to discourage him at first because I was hoping he’d gather up small river rock, something we could actually use. But I caught myself and relented, because I know first of all it has to be fun. Ah well, I wasn’t going for glamor either. Over the past year I’ve accumulated a small stock of lumpy slate for an as-yet-to-be-determined project and so I decided to round out my pile with a little more. I carried out fifty pounds. Fifty depressingly small-looking pounds. My backpack was only a quarter full of rock when we walked out but I felt like I was carrying Andre the Giant on my back. Most of our time on the river it was sunny, I had to take my coat off a couple times. My feet hurt tonight, from walking around on river rock in a pair of flimsy sneakers.  For awhile in the beginning we shared the river with a couple hobby prospectors and their teenage son. The boy visited us with his shaggy, nosy German Shepherd and metal detector. I asked him if they ever found anything and he said pyrite.

There were a lot of big spiders darting all around on the rocks. By the time we left, thunderstormy clouds piled up above us and pellet-sized hail savaged the river for about ten minutes. I took my camera gear and filters fully anticipating I’d sneak some shooting in but I didn’t take a single picture. Once I was there, I just didn’t feel like it. On the way home, Mt. Si looked gorgeous dusted with snow. I haven’t been up Mt. Si in forever.

In other news, a vintage Jabba the Hutt arrived to our house this morning. It’s in like-new condition, it takes me back to the early 80s when I spent hours and hours moving Jabba’s tail or wiggling his arm. I’m pretty sure we just threw Jabba aside and focused on the usefulness of his dungeon as a flexible prop. But honestly, I’m excited to have him now. I’m thinking about putting him on the top shelf of the refrigerator to see if that helps me with my portion-control issues. As a bonus, the playset included the original instructions.

The next time you think about poking a slug with a stick out of curiosity, just to see it ooze slime in self defense, think about this crime lord kingpin. And Princess Leia in a bikini. Strangling him. That big gross tongue flopping out…..

My favorite part of the instructions is the diagram of a levitating Salacious Crumb below, hahaha! Sheesh, would it have been so dang hard for them to put Salacious Crumb’s tail on at the toy factory? Is it because the contract for building Salacious Crumb’s tail went to a distant, separate factory?

One thought on “if Salacious Crumb should lose his tail

  1. Wow, snow? It has been over 70 degrees here all week. In fact, on Thursday there was a massive tornado in the next town over from here. Bizarre, bizarre weather. Feels like Austin.

    The Middle Fork sounds like heaven to me today, though. 50 pounds of rocks? Yeesh!

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