ravenna park

Adam and I went for a short walk this afternoon in dark and mossy Ravenna Park, a fascinating woodland area north of the Ship Canal and University District. The distinctive feature of the skinny 52 acre park is its steep topography.  And a century ago it was home to humongous firs people paid a 25 cent admission to ogle (back then Ravenna Park was marketed as “Big Tree Park”).  By the 1930s, the biggies were gone as they met the same fate as most of Seattle’s other original giant Douglas Firs.

We spent most of our time playing around this bridge crossing of Ravenna Creek (the old Green Lake Creek). This is a 3 second exposure of Adam (I had a circular polarizer on the lens). Believe it or not, there used to be cutthroat trout and coho salmon runs in these waters. The stream is only a fractional shell of its former self. Whereas its headwaters used to be Green Lake and the creek eventually flowed into Lake Washington, today it’s daylighted only through the park. The main headwaters now are a wetland in adjoining Cowen Park and various other springs throughout the park. Neighborhood groups have worked hard making the creek what it is now. I thank them for this little waterfall.

One thought on “ravenna park

  1. This is exactly what I’d imagine 3 seconds of Adam to look like.

    I had no idea that there used to be a Green Lake Creek. Interesting…

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