i hike past Hidden Lake on my way to The Palisades

In a basin tucked between The Palisades and Marcus Peak, Hidden Lake was a nice surprise. I wasn’t expecting it to be such a big, pretty lake. The trail follows the southern shore (the right hand side of the lake in this picture). There’s no camping allowed at the lake, the basin is quite cozy.

At the west end of the lake, a sign declared I’d reached the end of the maintained trail and told me to disperse as much as possible to minimize the impact to Green Park, so for the rest of the hike I split my atoms into a million smaller groups and we agreed to rendezvous at Clover Lake on the way back to Sunrise Point.

A rough but obvious footpath shoots straight up the mountainside above the lake. After pulling every muscle in my lower body and stopping to pee seventeen times, I made it relatively unscathed to the high saddle between Marcus Peak and The Palisades. From there I crashed like a drunken moose through a bunch of scrubby pines, always looking up to keep the summit of The Palisades in my sights. I did finally arrive at the top. I don’t know how to explain it, but the summit of The Palisades is rewarding but strangely anti-climatic. I think it could possibly have something to do with the corny name of this interesting mountain, which reminds me of toga-wearing space aliens.

One thought on “i hike past Hidden Lake on my way to The Palisades

  1. Did you pull an upper-upper-upper thigh muscle?

    I’m guessing that splitting your atoms like that really wore you down. Tiring hike?

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