flowers at Clover Lake (the way to The Palisades)

Friday night I posted a couple pictures of Dege Peak as viewed from The Palisades for my friend Lance. Here you can see The Palisades itself: It’s the right-leaning escarpment. The Palisades is a complex of mountain known for its unusual rock formations. This is a northerly view from the trail about a quarter mile from the trailhead at Sunrise Point (if you’ve ever been to Sunrise Visitor Center, Sunrise Point is the dizzying hairpin turn just down the road). After having hiked up high to The Palisades, I kicked myself for not going sooner. Why oh why silly self? Well, in all the intervening years I was discouraged from investigating the Palisades Lakes trail because number one, a hero the wise sage and aesthetic-ever Harvey Manning kvetched about the trail’s immediate loss of 500 feet in elevation. Secondly, he was courteous to point out there’s no view of Mt. Rainier included in the scenery. No view of Mt. Rainier? Gah! Why would I want to hike a trail this close to The Mountain with no view of the supreme expanses of ice? So I could be bitten up by bugs at a bunch of two-bit mud puddles posing as alpine lakes?

It took years of experience for me to realize lakes are as good-or-better for the soul than lofty peaks and that views are enhanced by pretty reflections and the fresh breezes off recently melted snow water and that really, picnics are better there, too. And that it’s the lakes that don’t have a view of Mt. Rainier, not The Palisades! The Palisades aren’t part of the hike along the lakes, but it’s really not that bad a detour off the trail. That’s Sunrise Lake below, in case you’re wondering.

A deceptively long 1.5 miles from the trailhead, Clover Lake is the largest of the Palisades Lakes. This is a southeasterly view down upon Clover after visiting there on my way to The Palisades. I went off the trail a few tenths of a mile to find this rocky outcropping. For the familiar eye- to the left in the far distance you’ll find Crystal Peak and the Crystal Lakes basin. I hiked to the summit of Crystal Peak this year and I would love to visit the lakes someday. Crystal Peak and Crystal Lakes share the same trailhead off Highway 410, just before the road to Sunrise Visitor Center.

The flowers at Clover Lake were very pretty. I wish I could have stayed a little longer to linger, but my goal was to reach The Palisades!

This afternoon Adam and I spent some time at the library downtown (the main branch). Diana had to take a call with a client at 1:30, and since as recently as yesterday he was walking around the house pretending to be Shrek yelling “you jabbering jackass!”, I decided perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea for us to be around (by the way, that’s a direct quote from the children’s book-version by William Steig). Adam and I love William Steig’s book, which was the inspiration for the contemporary movie. We’ve got a lot of William Steig books- Doctor DeSoto, Brave Irene, Shrek, Amos and Boris, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, etc.

Adam fell asleep on the way home from the library (a ten minute ride) and so he took a nap in the driveway. The croup is long-gone, by the way. The oral steroid zapped it like nothing. But now we’re worried he might be getting an earache. He was tugging at his ear all evening. We’re hoping it’s just fluid in there.

As Adam was falling asleep tonight, he told Diana that if she had to leave for work before he woke up, to draw a picture of herself with a line going through it as a signal to him she wasn’t home. We have a weird son.

2 thoughts on “flowers at Clover Lake (the way to The Palisades)

  1. Wowsa! I’m growing tired of the winter and to see such breathtaking views of Clover Lake and the Palisades was really what I needed. Great work as always, Jason! I hope Adam is on the mend. I miss having kids his age—they say such hilarious things…

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