scout trooper

Curiously, scout troopers (or “biker scouts” as we knew them) were one of my favorite bad guy figures to come out of Return of the Jedi, no doubt enhanced because of the very cool speeder bike toy (sold separately) with self-destruct switch causing it to splinter into pieces. In the movie, however, the biker scouts left something to be desired as fearsome badasses. These guys are supposed to be an elite unit? The assassins of the Galactic Empire? They were like Larry, Curly and Moe with the Ewoks running circles around them. The worst part for me at the time were their voices….when shouting instructions to each other, they sounded more like second year graduate students in the University of Endor’s School of Business than special stormtrooper tough guys.

Diana got home late tonight.  I let Adam play with Legos at the table during dinner (what the hay? it’s Friday night) while I doodled Mr. Scout Trooper.

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