camano island state park

Adam and I spent part of the day at Camano Island State Park. Camano Island is 45-60 minutes NW of Seattle. On the map it’s distorted and stretched out, like what’s left over of your soggy sandwich after marauding sea gulls have played tug of war with it in a pitiful display of nature-triumphs-over-man. Camano falls into the same category as Whidbey Island in that you don’t exactly feel like you’re on an island since a bridge connects it to the mainland. In fact, the channel separating Camano and the “mainland” is basically a big mudhole (Davis Slough). At least Whidbey has Deception Pass.

Nevertheless, Camano Island is very pretty. There are enormous hills on the island. My initial disappointment faded with the fascinating views across Port Susan to the Cascades. To the southwest, The Brothers of the Olympic Mountain Range were distant and low, strangely unrecognizable from this vantage in the north.

Camano Island State Park is very scenic. It’s a 134 acre park with bluff-top forest towering over a mile of shoreline. We did a loop walk, heading south along the high forest rim for nearly a mile. We had beautiful views to Saratoga Passage below and the Olympic Mountains. We eventually dropped steeply down to the driftwood beach for lunch and made our way back along the shore.  It was an interesting combination of forest walking and beachcombing. I was disappointed to not get any good pictures, but Adam had me busy pretending to be an obnoxious megalomaniac dictator shellfish space alien (Sir Barnacle) trying to take over the world (think of a cross between Brainiac and Pac Man). Adam was Lieutenant Six. The walk back beneath the bluffs was fascinating. There, I was Lieutenant Six’s right hand man and we carefully watched for the dreaded Sand People. I admit the Sand People were my idea, I had the Tusken Raiders in mind.

Sir Barnacle met an untimely fate, for forgot about the Earth’s tides and Puget Sound reclaimed him. We stopped for milkshakes on the way home. Adam slept for twenty minutes in the car and was a refreshed maniac back at the house.

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