more of murhut creek

I drove myself bananas last Saturday trying to repair camera settings I’d erased the night before while refreshing my memory on certain controls in the D700. Talk about dumb timing! Lance had already been shooting and even got a quick swim in before I took a gosh-dang single picture. Then once I got rolling, it took me awhile to realize it was way too dark in the woods for even my six stop ND filter. Nevertheless, I persisted for a short while with the dark ND so I could get at least a few very lacy creek exposures, which I love-love.  The picture below is a 30 second exposure looking upstream. See the log in the top of the frame? That’s the big downed fir I alternately straddled like a cowboy and crawled across on my hands and knees like a Russian maid so I could get to an interesting vantage on the other side. I know I looked like a complete fool. But it’s higher than it looks! When I reached the other side, I looked over at Lance and I could tell he was embarrassed for me. I was embarrassed for myself. But I’ve never really cared about style points. I’m all for the dog route and looking like a dog in the process.

The next picture is looking upstream in the same location, just more zoom. It’s also a 30 second exposure. You’ll notice it’s a little shiny. That’s because I had to unstack my CPL from my ND, it was just too dang dark. Gosh, what I wouldn’t do to have a Singh Ray Vari Duo-whatchmacalit filter. That’s a specialty filter on the market that’s a ND and CPL in one. Wow, that would be nice to have! It would eliminate the extremely pesky vignetting problem when shooting ultra wide. I basically lose 2-3 mm when I shoot with a CPL stacked on top of my ND filters. By the way, I realize I left the water a teeny bit bright on these. It’s something easily correctable, but I’m still adjusting to how pictures look once I have them up on WordPress.

Here is the amazing leaky pipe log! Part of the band of falls on the left is coming from the log, if you look closely you can see it spilling out. I’m so pleased to finally get a halfway decent image of this scene, I’ve been enchanted by it ever since I saw some pictures of Lance’s a couple years ago. When I came here last year, it started raining ridiculously hard before I had a chance to do exposures of this spot on the creek. The leaky pipe log is kind of tricky to shoot as a long exposure because it’s so breezy down there, but I somehow managed to get some nice still detail in this shot even though it’s a 30 second exposure. I worked my focus point off the bottom edge of the log and I dare say there may have been a lull in the breeze.

In the slightly wider view of the Leaky Pipe Log, the breeziness is a lot more obvious. But I wanted to give a little more perspective of this spot:

Here’s Lance climbing out of the pool below the spillway. He got at least one fantastic image from down there that I know of. Maybe next time I’ll crawl below and take a look for myself. He had already fallen into the creek, so I think he had a pretty no-holds-barred attitude at this point!

A very rare sighting of the Ithilian Falls Gnome, leaving his grotto in search of mushrooms for supper! He was momentarily startled by my presence, but then sighed and disdainfully waved at me before scampering into the woods with surprising speed. An odd little fellow I should have to say.

I’ve got about ten versions of the spillway from the Leaky Pipe Log, and I intend to share every single one! Isn’t it amazing in isolation? This is probably the coolest thing I’ve shot in awhile. This isn’t my best shot of this little scene, but I loved how stormy it looks in the splash pool. It’s probably a pretty good approximation of a slug’s point of view!

3 thoughts on “more of murhut creek

  1. The little gnome climbing out of the bowl that is Ithilian Falls, had a great time shooting with you. I really like your take on these photographs. The greens are so rich and vibrant along this creek.

  2. Ithilian Falls Gnome – I love it. I also love your take on this area Jason. You have a special knack for taking the familiar and finding the new. I especially like the last picture you’ve shared, as well as the leaky log details. I’m impressed you crawled across that log!

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