moss man and murhut falls

I went adventuring in the eastern range of the Olympic Mountains with my friend Lance on Saturday to a beautiful waterfall in the drainage of the venerable Duckabush, it was a nice way to spend the last day of 2011.  The trail to 130 foot Murhut Falls is more walk than hike (it’s only .8 miles one way) but the misty viewpoint at the end presents a lot of fascinating nooks and crannies for the nature photographer who is not adverse to moss and other squishiness. And we made our own adventure: Crawling, climbing and stooping for five hours  in the beautiful dampness of salal and fern. There are now excellent steps built into the hillside down to Murhut Creek from the trail (new since the last time I was there). Be careful, though, because they’re steep! The mossy gorge here is certainly a canvas- WTA built the trail in the right place, but it looks like it could be a  maintenance doozy in the years to come (the last quarter mile of trail).  The steep and rugged terrain near the base of the falls is fairly unstable, there’s a lot of bare rock and gravel at the supreme viewpoint.

This is actually a picture I took of Moss Man at Murhut Falls, on Saturday. I waited until Lance was flailing upside down in a pile of moss, I didn’t want him to see me with my man-doll:

I went up to Murhut Falls again today with Adam, his mother and Grandma, for no other reason than I just wanted them to see where I went on Saturday!  We caught the 9:35 AM ferry to Dismally Gray Island, where David Fishgutter wrote Rain Falling on Slime Mold. Impressed by Murhut as everyone was, it was pouring cats and dogs and we got soaked and so after lunch along the creek down below, we got the heck out of there. On the way home we stopped in Poulsbo for the mandatory visit to Sluy’s Bakery, all that rain made me hungry for Viking Cups, which are perhaps the richest, fattiest non-chocolate pastry in the history of mankind. It’s a good thing I haven’t made my New Year’s resolutions yet!

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