adam and i crash-landed a lunar module but we did not do anything to the lunar rover

Today at the Museum of Flight, Adam and I crash-landed a lunar module on the moon’s surface (three times in a row, in fact). The first time was a pretty bad crash and the simulator made fun of us. A fourth time was the charm. The sound effects from the first crash startled Adam badly and made him want to give up. But I explained to him astronauts have to practice a lot and no doubt the same thing happened to Neil Armstrong his first time. Look, those guys broke the dang fender off the lunar rover and had to fix it with bubble gum and a permanent marker. At any rate, we nailed the fourth landing. We did kick up a little moon dust.

It’s my Dad’s birthday, which is why 13 has always been a lucky number for me. Alas, he lives two time zones away and goes to bed one time zone earlier than that even and so I was not able to wish him a happy birthday.

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