physics for big, dumb guys

The Physics of Star Trek was a fine book I nevertheless struggled with at times due to my limited brainwidth. However, I recommend it with reservations to those of similar deficient intellectual capacity who are willing to wade through occasional marvelously deep shit in order to get an enticing, thrilling big picture of the universe. I won’t say I was necessarily surprised much of the time. But it was overwhelming and humbling to have certain things explained to their full, basic impossibility and possibility. Most fascinating perhaps are the snapshots of the staggering energy requirements for certain processes of the Starship Enterprise that Scotty basically flings boogers at while he crunches numbers in his head and grumbles at Jim under his breath.

It took me 11.5 hours to read The Physics of Star Trek ‘s 174 pages (all the way to Kauai and back to the mainland) but a lot of that time was distracted (spying on annoying fellow passengers, worrying whether or not I would get hemorrhoids for the first time in my life after sitting for so long). It was not unusual to go 3 or 4 pages only vaguely comprehending the principles I was reading about. This was very frustrating because I’m the sort of sad try-hard sap who will go OCD on a sentence for ten minutes until I’m assured I know what I just read.

I’m on the verge of beginning the second season of the original Star Trek series.

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