kalalau valley and the pacific ocean

This weekend I started packing our suitcases for Kauai. This is undoubtedly a Guinness Book World Record for us because ordinarily we’re doing laundry at 2:00 AM the morning of our departure (for the things we’ll really need, like underwear). I know who I inherited that ridiculous habit from and the only clue I’m giving is she gave birth to me.

This perspective of the Kalalau Valley is a familiar one to anyone who has ever been to Kauai. It doesn’t matter that for the rest of your life you’ll notice a million pictures of it in bookstores and on old postcards because the drama has a way of unfolding a hundred different ways here. I do advise an umbrella or rain-shell, since it’s one of the wettest spots on earth. If you’re willing to walk even just a half mile on the Pihea Trail that overlooks the valley, you can leave all the commotion of the  popular viewpoint behind.

I took this picture after my 8 mile mud hike to Kilohana Vista.  When I set off in the morning, it was mostly hunters (if you’re a pig on Kauai, get ready for some scary action) and swirling fog with a few enticing windows down to the cliffs. Needless to say, this view was a stunning end to my mud hike!

Did I mention mud?

One thought on “kalalau valley and the pacific ocean

  1. I hope you guys have a wonderful time on Kauai – but, I’m certain you will – it’s Hawaii. Really enjoying all your island-posts lately. Makes me yearn to return to Moloka’i. Look forward to reading, seeing and hearing about your adventures from this coming trip. Safe travels!

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