Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls drops 173 feet (think of it as half the height of Comet Falls on Mt. Rainier) into a 33 foot deep pool. It’s “famous” for being featured in the opening credits of Fantasy Island. Makes me wonder what good old Tattoo is up to these days.

You can hike to the base of the falls if the water level permits (you have to cross the river after you’ve scrambled down).  I doubt that was a good idea this day. The falls were roaring.

Here’s a look at the north wall that looms above the spillway. As you can see, wind was a factor. I don’t know why I chose a long exposure for such a big waterfall. Stop-motion probably would fit better here. At the same time, I like stop motion better in brighter, sunnier conditions. You get a lot more pretty sparkles and twinkles in the bubbles and splashing and whatnot.

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