autumn snow on Carne Mountain

I was thinking a little of summer today. Not that I miss it, because I don’t really. I’m dying for some miserably rainy weather, like 13 straight days of rain. But I was thinking about how the summer-to-fall segue was (for me) quiet and uneventful. And now winter is here, sort of. But not exactly. We’ve had fairly nice weather, lately. Psychologically-speaking, I’ve probably closed the book on my “hiking season” for 2011. In a way, it’s a relief to be a homebody for a while because Diana has been working a ton and I haven’t had any time to steal away. And I’ve put off a lot of things that need doing now. And I’ve been playing my guitar, writing, and reading more. Saturday, all morning long i was jackhammering concrete out of the parking strip across the street from our house (for a neighborhood improvement project). I would take my safety goggles off to wipe away the the pools of sweat and glance across the valley to the sunny Cascades and feel pangs of regret. I wanted to do a family hike up the Enchanted Valley Trail in the Olympics on Sunday really badly, but my body was trashed from playing Bob the Builder all day. At the end of the day I had a horrible contusion on my left knee and the rest of my legs were dotted with ugly little bruises. I think my jackhammer technique needs some work! We did spend a few hours at Discovery Park on Sunday morning, that was good for getting the blood flowing.

These are pictures from a hike I did on the east side of the Cascades about a month ago, when the amazing larch trees were just starting to peak in all the usual places. I’ll post a bunch more tomorrow. I entered Glacier Peak Wilderness only for a very short while on the hike, I found this sign on the summit ridge of Carne Mountain. I highly recommend Carne Mountain as an autumn destination. I’m very lucky I got to be up there with 5-7 inches of snow, it was incredibly scenic. It’s an 8 mile roundtrip hike, with 3600 feet of elevation gain.

Adam and I capped today off at Powell Barnett Playground in the Central Area, we stayed almost until dark. He had a lot of fun playing with a couple of nice, older children on the fire truck. I wish I had taken a book. I tried calling a half dozen people on my phone to gab and no one was home, no one is ever home when I try to call them! I gave Adam a bath tonight and for dessert we had pumpkin cheesecake pie.

One thought on “autumn snow on Carne Mountain

  1. Those larch trees sure do give a splash of sunshine when everything else is dull. I’ve found these past few days difficult, the decrease in daylight in the afternoon sure makes me feel like being lazy. Regarding the hiking season ending, no need for that! Ocean trip next month?

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