morning fog clearing over Madison Valley

I’ve had a tripod sitting at my closet window this week to capture early mornings. It’s my pitiful version of chasing the light. It was quite a while before sunrise, so I didn’t need to use a grad filter.

Last night Adam recited the witch’s magic spell from Shrek (from William Steig’s children’s book) word for word:

Otchky-potchky, itchky-pitch, Pay attention to this witch. A donkey takes you to a knight- Him you conquer in a fight. Then you wed a princess who Is even uglier than you. Ha ha ha and cockadoodle, The magic words are “Apple Strudel”.

On Halloween night he also shouted out for the entire neighborhood to hear “You jabbering jackass! Aren’t you supposed to take me somewhere?” That’s the part where Shrek meets the donkey as foretold by the witch in the forest.  And by the way: Sorry the text in my blog is so dang hard to read right now. I’m still trying to figure out how to change it so it stands out better against my new background.

3 thoughts on “morning fog clearing over Madison Valley

  1. Gosh, that’s beautiful. It looks like a painting!

    The image of Adam shouting out “You jabbering jackass!” has had me chuckling for a few days now. Did you laugh, or were you mortified?

  2. I didn’t laugh and I wasn’t mortified. I was just completely dumbfounded. He’s blurted it out a second time since then, that time it was inside and he was playing by himself and pretending two friends were talking to each other. I decided to hold off until he says it again. Hopefully I don’t get a note from his preschool first……

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous sight Jason. Looks like you’re having fun with themes on here, too? The text isn’t too difficult to read on this new background.

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