Van Trump Park and Mildred Point

After a very long hike in the North Cascades last Saturday, I had something easier in mind for my next walk. Adam’s mother offered to drop him off at school so I could go hiking today, and get an extremely early start. I left the house at 4:15 AM and headed to Mt. Rainier.

My destination was Mildred Point, in a garden-like setting above Van Trump Park, with a vista of the south side of Mt. Rainier. Unbelievable, vertiginous views down to the rubble and debris of the Kautz Glacier’s moraine. There and back it’s 6.4 miles and 2400 feet elevation gain. Mildred Point was everything I thought it would be. It’s a tricky place to shoot at shoulder times of the day because the moraine is in a steep-walled canyon (and hence, shadowy), but I still had a good time shutterbugging. I can’t emphasize enough, how dramatic the vista is from Mildred Point. It’s truly stunning. The enormous maw of the canyon below, vibrating with the dull roar of water. The gigantic white fortress above.

I had Mildred Point, and even Comet Falls, all to myself. I took some neat rainbow pictures of Comet Falls, as an afterthought, really. And as I was getting ready to leave, I noticed I was being watched by a chubby marmot, perched on a boulder a hundred feet above me! That surprised me. I wouldn’t expect to find a marmot hanging out someplace like Comet Falls.

I got back to Seattle in time to pick Adam up from preschool.

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